bah buh buh bah bahhhh

had a good talk with a long distance friend tonight. worked
on my video til i couldn’t look at it anymore, and finished it off with some interweb tv.

“they don’t have danby’s in the u.s.? really? well then where do you get grizzly paw ice cream sandwiches?”

that was literally the funniest how i met your mother i have ever seen. literally.

still having trouble getting to sleep. had a mild breakdown righht before class today. well, i was late for class, and that just added to it. ugh. i’m so sick of myself right now.

i wish mornings weren’t so tricky.

my video is starting to come together. made some departure airline style text tonight and added 4 clip layout. not sure how to stitch it all together. i’ve kind of lost track of what it is supposed to be about. border crossing anxiety, i guess.

originally, i wanted to inculde a heart beat, but that seems cheesy. but maybe if i made a heartbeat sound out of the pacing or something…

ha ha. puntentional.

i’ve got an assload of things to get done. need to make a doc’s appt. send in liberty mutual papers. get screws for my stupid license plate. get groceries. maybe go to the thesis defense at RIT tomorrow. try and see that “my kid could paint that” film at the little before it closes on thursday. read for class. uhh.

photograph. process film on the weekend. print in the darkroom.. might try and do some large formatbefore the end of the semester. i’m kind of running low on photo ideas.

i think i need to road trip out to brockport again. maybe oi will head out there on friday and see if i can get in to see a counsellor. take my camera and photograph on the way there. lots of little town stuff to take photos of, and i don’t think driving out there around 10am would be too bad. i definitely need to get my driving confidence up. i drove S & J to boulder today and i almost drove obliviously past a line-up of school busses with their stop lights on. total boner. i think a few road trips by myself would help.

goals for the next few days: get my sleep schedule back on track. get my book finished and some photographs made. drive out to brockport. settle up all  my outstanding paperwork/business. send important mail to important people.


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