Looking from the rooftop down

While I was outside, drinking tea (if thats what we’re calling it) and watching the snow fall I realized the time for making photos of rooftops that look like the trees at night is past. will have to wait for spring.

Or maybe I’ll fake it and paint it.

On other fronts, my photograph/stereographs are seeming kind lame, so i’ll put them on the backburner.

My goals for the week include:
-finishing the car family tree with illustrations. maybe 16×16 finished size. Maybe some smaller ones for christmas presents.

-submitting a framed something for the roco show by 10am tomorrow. i just need a frame, and to slap it together. still trying to decide between the double image of the little, or the arrow on the road. i’ll decide at the 13th hour.

-finish my shitty video. probably save it til last, as its my least favourite thing to think about right now.

-finish my book. just need to revise the text, add a few more stories and decide on a title. i’m leaning towards “ontario in stereo” but that is a complete rip-off of my friend’s band’s ep. maybe something about generic family portraits… ehhhh. lame.

-pick up film from ropho and scan anything that looks good. do some darkroom printing so i have a few 11x14s to show on monday.

-pick up pma at that weird shipping dock store

-be sad cause it is lensless’s last week in roch. 😦
i hate last weeks. i hate good-byes. guess thats why i always try and just disappear from a place. i’m so selfish.

on a side note, i got an email from #1mom (pseudonymed as such because she was the first friends of mine to have a baby. and cause she has made being a mom seem like an olympic sport that requires training and has gold-silver-bronze medal rankings) . i never said good-bye to her before i left sunnyhappyvale and i have been feeling mildly guilty about it.

on a sider note, the title of this post is from a nada surf song. winter is good for nada surfing. so sad bastardy and snowy sounding. especially blizzard of 77.

i’ll close with some more nada surf:

“It’s a long story I’ll tell you later
And now the sky looks like Turner
From specifics to the dawn
I’ve got so many backburners
that keep on.

You laughed out loud about someone who
Couldn’t get their shit together
I laughed along, ha-ha
I almost wish you knew me better

Hey, calling all imaginary friends! ”

(Imaginary Friends, Nada Surf)

And here is a link to Nada Surf covering Joy Division, so that my recent music subconscious can inbreed properly. (Went to see the Joy Division movie last week. It made me bawl my eyes out.)


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