You and me were never meant to be part of the future

Holy crap. It’s 3:36am, and I have way too much to do to sleep before friday at 5pm.

That said, it stinks in the workshop becuase the heater is steaming up the mold room and giving me a headache.  So I don’t know how much longer I can work here. And if I go home, my bed is three feet from my desk. So you can imagine how that will turn out.

Didn’t get anything submitted to roco for the member show. next year. Sorry Bleue.

Found a whole bunch of stuff-making supplies on my desk. Yay! Thanks Lensless. I’ll do my best with it.

Been struggling with a lot of emotional stuff this week. Should help in the stuff-making, but mostly it just distracts me and makes me want to sleep more.

My book is the closest thing to being done of my three things, right now. Title is still undecided, but I kind of like “Forgetting Ontario in Stereo” with the crossed out bits erased with a pencil, leaving bits behind. Then maybe scrawling my name in pencil? Maybe too shticky. We’ll see.

Went for a beer with some classmates after filming our Media Culture Initiative video. First time I have ever participated in a film shoot. I’m so awkward in front of a camera of any sorts. I get all robot-y.  Beers with  boys was fun though. I do have some pretty kick-ass classmates, I keep realizing. Also, one of the Brockport students in our Media Culture class seems like a future workshopper. If the ceiling doesn’t fall in.

To do list:

  • type out subject list for the 10 days of christmas project..  have a bunch of interested parties, just need to put it together & see what happens.
  •  get groceries. i am so sick of crappy take out and cereal.
  • book – done by wednesday pm.
  • video – wednesday pm-thursday pm
  • photos – all day friday – done by 5pm
  • friday at 5pm – start painting
  • now: go home.

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