Sexiest cross-eyed Canadian in purple socks award goes to….

“Offering an absurdist slow burn in place of punch lines and belly laughs, “Twitch City” is an incisive study of slackerdom, a state of mind and way of life that the show portrays with neither condescension nor sentimentality. In Curtis, Mr. McKellar created a sitcom protagonist even more complex and unlikely than the Larry David of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Committed to an existence of bohemian languor, he’s also a cutthroat entrepreneur hellbent on renting out every last square foot of his apartment. He may be truly agoraphobic — he doesn’t venture outside until the sixth episode — but his couchbound apathy masks a ruthless manipulative streak, as when he cons a Meals on Wheels volunteer into delivering his lunches.”

Thank-you, The Google.  And this  web-page.



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