If not for our first hello we’de never have to say good-bye (C. Gaines)

( Just kidding, it was actually  P. Stanley) And he does sound like he’s channelling Roddie May in the original.  That said, I’m a sucker for the   G. Brooks version.

My book is effin done. My video is as effin done as it is gonna get, and it is still as shitty as i remember, when i exported it at 7am yesterday, from my laptop perch in the seminar room. Ah well,  You can’t be good at everything, and  I am A1 with a hula hoop.

My photos are… up in the lounge. I know I could make better stuff,heck, I know I *have* better stuff just waiting to be printed, but the lack of inspiration from our fearless leader hasn’t made me want to skip another night of sleep. That said, I did pull all nighters for each of my three professors this semester, so I’m not playin favourites. I just don’t feel like printing a lot of expensive wallpaper for the lounge right now.

Only a handful of things left to do. Stuff for the media culture ititiative. Print out some transparencies to put in the ChristmasLightsDad projector. Make some mixes for some of my favourite people. Finish my laundry so I can leave the house in something other than my Team Deb shirt.

Oh, and print up an artist statement for my book/photographs/video.  Here it is:

This work is about making stuff as a distraction from real world issues, both macro and micro. Thank-you for looking.

If only I could get away with that.

Uncle K came up with a rib tickler to add to our Big Tease brainstorm of t-shirt slogans:

(School Acronym on the front)
(on the back)  It’ll do.

What is it about calling someone “Uncle so and so” that insinuates creepiness?  I know it is supposed to be an affectionate nickname, but it has this dark edge to it that I’m not too sure about. Unless Uncle So is actually your uncle. That said, the reverse doesn’t apply to Aunts. Calling someone “Auntie so and so”  doesn’t have any of those creepy undertones.

Ok. I’ve got work to do. If I had the wordpress “space upgrade” I would upload the song that is from. It’s called Kamikiaze Babies by People From Earth and I HIGHly doubt it is anywhere online.


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