I was young and at home in bed, hanging on the words some poem said in ’31

My sleep schedule is still of kilter. I can’t fall asleep until 4am at earliest, and so I sleep away most of the morning, and sometimes a bit of the afternoon.

Thanks a lot, stuffmaking. Why can’t the creative process function between business hours? Why do I *have* to stay awake thinking about ways to attach transparencies to things and ways to take multiple exposure polaroids with a camera with no tripod mount?

Why won’t I spend the forty minutes it is going to take to make website updates for my *real* job? Do I like waking up with a guilt cloud over my head for not getting it done yet?

If I have so much gaddamn work to do, why am I spending my time listening to mix cds and jotting down songs about making mixes? (The National – Patterns of Fairytales. Art Brut – Sounds of Summer. The Frames – Your Face. And so on)


To do this week:

– print photos
– process film
– buy film &/or load expired b&w film
– clean apartment
– make holiday mix, and INBTJ mix
– make presents for famille
– get snow tires
– price out snow tires for my bike
– christmas cards
– website updates
– post-art revamp notice
– read html/css book
– re-edit my polaroid book, make lulu edition?
– catch-up on emails

enough blogressing.


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