And I’ll never forget that feeling I got when I heard that you got home

snow tired!

i’m outta dodge in the morning. i’ll miss you sadbastardtown, but i won’t miss your jerkface friend the snowplow who keeps trapping my dinky little car everywhere i park it.

i’m excited about being back in canada, going for walks in the snow with my walkman blaring, and hanging out with my family. talking pictures is high on the list, as is reading as many books as i can carry, and maybe figuring out how to use dreamweaver, flash, et al.

my new year goals:

– finish editing my book and get it on one of those print-on-demand sites so i can make some mon-ay… i mean, spread my art around.

– revise to not look so 2005 (this includes ‘learn css, practice php, and figure out xhtml’)

– take a whole pantload of photos. all the formats i have access to. i’ve heard minor white says some racket about changing up your camera when you are going through a dry spell. i wish dry spell didn’t sound so gross.

– read camera lucida. faking death. white noise. eleanor rigby. that group of 7 bookon my mom’s bookshelf. some mordecai richler. being and nothingness. all my library books.

– start painting. i’ll leave that one open-ended. (need to bring slide projector & slides from home)

– stop excessing to excess. this means the habits need to be put to bed.

bed. yes.


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