So I’m turning on the stereo, and I’m lining up the names, On the mixes I made before you.

This is pretty amesome. Adding it to my To Learn list.

Took my first photo for the Festival of 24 Things today. Took some polaroids and played around with filters and things. Hope I’m not resting too much on art sauce. Could get messy. I have a feeling it is gonna get worse before it gets better, but I guess it is just something I have to go through, like puberty.

I have ben trying to go take some cheesy Campbellford Christmas lights night photos , but every night has been either sleep-overcome, or cloudy, or raining (it has poured here all day. ALL day. I don’t know if there will be any snow left by tomorrow morning.)

Tomorrow night. Definitely.

Doing mom stuff tomorrow. Should be fun, provided all that rain doesn’t turn Southern Ontario into an ice rink.

I have a lost of books I want to get at the library. Wonder if they’ll have them.  Doubtful on the new Eggers, but maybe on White Noise and definitely on any/every Can-lit classic I can think of. Maybe I’ll give Margaret Atwood another shot. Why did Alias Grace have to be so excruciatingly boring and long. Quilts? Really? In a murder novel?

I’m gonna try and take a photo tomorrow thinking about Margaret Atwood and that whole Southern Ontario Gothic nonsense.

Title Credits: The National  – Patterns of Fairytales, from Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
(They were on the cover of three music magazines on the rack in Chapters, St. Catharines, where we stopped for poutine at Harveys on the way home. And I can’t stop listening to Secret Meeting. Holy eff it’s good.  This place is full of spies.  Also, ‘Available’ (on SSFDL) sounds a little bit like The Cult and a lot like Joy Division. And on Fake Empires, around 1:42, right after the break…best thing I have heard in a long  long time. Click the first link to hear it for yourself. I think that guy has it on his page. Holy crap, I’ve got a monster band crush right now. Sorry dudes.) (And when did this become a music blog, ry?)


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