You know I dreamed about you for 29 years before I saw you.

Top Heartwrenching Love Songs I have Fallen In Love With Over The Years:

# Into My Arms – Nick Cave (Just rediscovered this on an old CD I burnt to listen to while driving around taking pictures while home for the holidays. I remember last listening to it in 2004 or 5. In Brighton, in the parking lot behind the antique store, where I took this:

. Listened to it last night while driving around (home, the long way), after taking night photos of Campbellford. It was so cold, and so empty. An OPP drove by three times and didn’t even stop to ask what I was doing. Yeah for small towns! He probably knows my mom.

# Start a War – The National (yes, I have a huge hard-on for this band right now. No explanation necessary. I’d add Apartment Story if it didn’t seem so redundant)

# Moving Pictures, Silent Films – Great Lakes Swimmers (Just heard this on a movie I watched on TVO tonight about being single, relationships, etc.. It had a killer soundtrack, and I’m gonna look up the other two in Alan Zweig’s trilogy. My favourite part was when he is in hotel in Vancouver, looking back on his 9 day affair with a woman there. He claimed to have had the best hanging-out-in-a-room-listening-to-music night with her of his entire life. Maybe the best in anyone’s life. I hope I have a few more of those nights in my life.)

# Darkness Has Fallen (The entire album is killer, but I’ll stick to my constraints) – NQ Arbuckle (This guy Neville, ah hell, he was born to write heartwrenching love songs that make the girls in the front row sigh)

# Mixkin Dancehall Blues – NQ again (This was the first song, with the opening riff to end all opening riffs, that first did it. It’s more about drinking than heartbreaking, but I think they go hand in hand.)

# Once – Richard Buckner (A boy put this on a mix cd for me once and broke my heart in half. I still can’t listen to it and stay put together)

# Baby Please Stop Cryin – Bob Dylan (Throwback to high school, when my best friend idolized Bob Dylan, and I drove him around to play at open mics and we listened to Street-legal in my borrowed Tempo)

# Beast of Burden – The Rolling Stones (It was in Basquiat, my all time favourite artist biopic, when he comes home with groceries and is fallin’ in love with his woman)

# You and I are a Gang of Losers – The Dears (Again, boy, mix cd, broken heart, “Cause we’ve, we’ve got the same heart”)

# Disco 2000 – Pulp (Why is it so hard to let go of those unrequited crushes that you know are wrong? Tell me, Jarvis Cocker)

# Martha – Tom Waits (see immediately above)

# Left and Leaving – The Weakerthans (“Turned off TV grey” is one of the saddest lyrical descriptions of the sky I have ever heard. Ever. I don’t think it’s in this song, but it’s in one of the Weakerthans songs on this album. This is: “Spring forward, Fall back down. I’m trying not to wonder where you are.” And every birthday card I threw away.)

# River – Joni Mitchell (and the cover by Martin Tielli) (This song got me through the heartwrenchingness of moving 3000 miles from home)

# In the Aeroplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel (I hated Jeff Magnum’s voice the first time I heard this album. Then I heard him on the radio while working in the darkroom and have since been through three major infatuations with this album, workin on a fourth.)

I’m sure I’ve got more, so To Be Continued…

Fence and Junk At Night
  1. Kat said:

    I was searching for artist/song title that turned out to one of The National’s songs and found your post. Ended up previewing and purchasing a few of your recommendations. Thanks!

  2. Sara said:

    Your description of Disco 2000 is the best. 🙂

  3. Lyle said:

    Thank you so much for this list, even 3 years later. Added some great tunes to my collection. Let me know if you do another!! THANKS from Hamilton!

  4. Thanks Kat!
    Thanks Sara!
    Thanks Lyle!

    Apologies for the late response. And yes, I’m workin on another heartwrenching mix. Stay tuned & thanks for reading.

  5. Anna said:

    i also arrived here thanks to the national reference..
    but man oh man am i glad i found this blog!
    mixkin dancehall blues – – – how have i made it 24 years without ever having heard this great song?!?

    • Glad you like the songs! NQ Arbuckle is indeed pretty great.
      Thanks for the comment, Anna.

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