When the conductor f*s up you can’t blame the symphony

2007 Favourites, dedicated to my very favourite hungry detective, who suggested a Best Of list should be the best, not the obscure:

A Day In The Graveyeard II                     Sunset Rubdown
New Years Eve                                              The Walkmen
Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe*     Okkervil River
The Con*                                                        Tegan & Sara
Go Places*                                                     The New Pornographers
Bitches In Tokyo                                         Stars
People As Places As People*                   Modest Mouse
Whites Only Party*                                     The Dears
The Well and the Lighthouse*                Arcade Fire
Perfect Games                                              The Broken West
Scattered Pearls                                           Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Nantes                                                            Beirut
Fake Empire*                                               The National
Night Windows                                            The Weakerthans
Put There by the Land                               Great Lake Swimmers
Maps [YeahYeahYeahs]                            Wakey!Wakey!
Seven Day Mile                                            The Frames
Heretics*                                                        Andrew Bird
Los Cruzados                                                Elk City
The Opposite of Hallelujah                      Jens Lekman
This Time Tomorrow                                 The Kinks
One More Goodbye                                    M. Ward
This Year (demo)                                        The Mountain Goats

Now, they are not all from 2007, but they were all new to me in 2007 (minus This Year, which is included because of it’s perfect year end/year start , same goes for One More Goodbye)

In many cases, I couldn’t pick one favourite, so I just picked the song that fit best on the mix. Those songs are starred, and the whole album is well worth a listen, or ten. Others are single tracks of albums I haven’t listened to entirely yet.

Anybody want to weigh in and share yours?
If you want a copy of the mix, drop me a line & a mailing address.

Title Credit: A Day In The Graveyard II, Sunset Rubdown


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