Terrified of telephones and shopping malls and knives, and drowning in the pools of other’s lives

24 Things is on it’s way to being installed. Walls painted, nametags sent to printers, plans conceived.

School starts this week, so time to get back to to do lists.

this week:
-make dr appt
-go see artist lecture at u of r, 1230monday
-book proposal for class
-grantwriting class on wednesday – check time
-check class schedule see if i can fit research  class
-mail rent
-turn 27
-get stuff ready for opening
-get stuff ready for craft thingie
-write and mail tys from holidays
-clean up apt before friday (j visiting)

i’m not sure what my next book will be about. i have a lot of archived stuff to figure out. maybe it’s time to construct the houses in your neighbourhood photo book. it would  work as an accordion, even though accordion is my least favourite binding. could also get something finished in the car/family tree project. i think those two would work nicely in a series, but then i’ve gotta come up with some others. maybe the avatar thing, done well.

i’ve got — work to do —

title credits: Weakerthans – Aside, i think, or maybe Wellington’s Wednesdays


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