It’s the seven day mile – Has you torn in-between here and running away

Just signed up for a fifth class. If I didn’t sleep much last semester, I’ll have to decrease that to -none- this semester.

Decided Tuesday nights will be Theory of Whatever The Hell I Feel Like Reading at The OT, seeing as my Thursday theory class looks to be more of aThursday filing/archiving class. We’ll see.

Trying not to take on too much, but already feel the pull to do that.

Might be working in the library, on top of 3 studios and 2 electives.  Will be good, though, being able to see the new stuff coming in. Saw a copy of  this on Librarian’s desk, and got all kinds of new ideas flipping through it.

Yeah for books!

logan likes books

I heard it through the VSDub grapevine that my very favourite artist book publishers have something new under their hats. Can’t wait to see what it is.

Back at it.

Title Credit: The Frames,  Seven Day Mile


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