Walls with wilted poloraids of friends that didnt last

Polaroid Expiry Date: So sad, but so anticipated.
Sam Buck Rosen @ Boulder: I never could get the hang of Sundays, so things to do always help.

Trying to think of a feature length movie that channels the feeling of Pavement’s music. Any ideas? Something sunny and lazy. And not too obnoxious/cutesy.
On deck for the week, I have to make some wet-plate collodions (not sure what the proper term is, so I’m gonna acronymize it – WPCs! And I’ll only say that with a British accent, so you think I’m talking about water closets.

Have to get some mail ready to post. Bro’s birthday, V-day, thank-you notes, etc.

Start compiling archived photos for my house-raising project.  It needs a good title, still.

Start compiling photos for my California Is So Flat project .

Figure out work schedule, the research class project, when I can work on photos and what I’m gonna take. Indoors I suppose, but maybe I will just continue archive searching. I need a better catalogueing system.

Read for classes, if my books ever arrive. Tuesday night is going to be my theory night, I have decided. I’m good at sticking to unimportant schedules that affect no one but this one.

Goal for the week – get my ass to class on time, maybe even early (ha).

Title credit: Weakerthans, Little Pictures

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  1. Carolynn said:

    Hello….sister….my goodness you are a busy girl. Can I call you sometime? I have an art/concrete poetry/temporary tattoo assignment that I have to do…I think you might be interested. Face book me maybe…I know you’re busy…this is a bad long run on sentence for somebody with [almost] an English degree!~haha LOVE YOU ~LINA

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