Take another little piece of my heart – Using parking meters as walking sticks

A little late for hallmark-day, but here is why emusic is my favourite pay-for-digital-music service.

Guess I kinda fit the second profile , but I have favourite albums in most of the groups. Except for the sentimental fools sub-category, interestingly.
Definitely gonna have to dig up a copy of Love is a Mix Tape.

Some awesome multimedia experience was going down at Boulder coffee this evening. Not sure who they were, but MAN they had a lot of equipment, which they did all kinds of interesting things with.

Saw a butt-ass scary flick tonight at The Cinema. 3 bucks (w/student card) and comfy chairs with lots of leg room. Maybe my new favourite movie-going experience. Except for that damn cat, but I guess that’s what allergy meds are for.

I’m so done with today. Too much driving, too much stress, too much worrying about parking meters running out, getting back to class on time, meetings, trying to feed myself in between all that, too much.

Title credits: Erma Franklin, Tom Waits

1 comment
  1. lisa said:

    i cant rent you a copy of love is a mix tape. i read it a few months ago, it was all right.
    how bout a picture of those boots?

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