Hey my brother? Can I borrow a copy of your “Hey Soul Classics”?

Found another decent music blog, I AM FUEL {ALL CAPS ETC}

Lots of mixes and a lengthy Nada Surf interview to read.
Gallery sitting today til 5, and figured I would try to get a handle on all that The Creative Suite has to offer, since it’s takin’ up such a big piece of my hard drive real estate.

What else… apparently it is Family Day tomorrow in Canada? Does Uhmerica have this newfangled (to me) day on it’s calendar? Do we still have Grandparent’s day?

But today is the Yorkhousehold-wide Official Pancake Day, otherwise known as my brother’s birthday. (When we were growing up, we got to choose the day’s meals to celebrate our day of birth. And my brother always picked pancakes, which he and Dad would make, following the recipe in Sheldon’s Lunch.)


Happy birthday little brother.

In trying to find the “my brother” clip from Say Anything, I came across this:

Cracks me up.

Although, this:

would probably be more appropriate for Cliffy’s birthday.
On road trips, if we were so inclined (& walkmen batteries were dead) Little Bro and I could recite the entire movie.

Cliffy stayed home sick from school one day and watched Scent of a Woman 9 times.
My days home sick were never that cool, try as I may.


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