Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears

Things I love about where I live – Pt. II:

(continuing the list from January)
-24 hour gyms across the street from 24 hour groceeries. Genius x2 (after living in a town that closed at 9pm sharp (sometimes 8), this whole night hawk thing is the best thing of anything, for me and my insistent insomniac behaviour)

-the light yesterday (feb 16, 2008)
oxford pillar apartments

-constantly changing weather (unlike temperately untempermental Closes-At-9 town). Knowing things are changing, days are getting longer makes the crumminess and the windshield ice chipping more bearable.

-meeting new people and seeing those same people at various places around town

-discovering new bands by accident when stopping for coffee

– having a list of to see & do long enough to keep boredom at bay

– staring at the houses across the street from my apartment

– knowing that i could make a list of things i hate about the town i live in, but it wouldn’t be as dynamic.

Title credit: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Who’ll Stop The Rain?

  1. You sure do like the musical references don’t you?

  2. lisa said:

    man i’m sorry that i locked up the speakers
    i suck
    i didn’t mean to do it, i put them back

  3. don’t sweat it lady. i always carry a back-up set of headphones 😉

    hope you got that monster enlarger to where you needed it.

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