So dawn goes down to day,

Something made me think of my very favourite English teacher, Mr. Tom Sherry today.

First novel (novella, according to Monsieur Wiki) we tackled in Gr. 10 English involved a man and a marlin. And it changed my perspective on life, art, literature, and everything else forever.

It also made me appreciate beards more than any other facial hair fashion.

Check out 365sketch. Some great great work up there. Makes me want to draw more. Add to the resolution list.

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  1. Hey Robyn,
    I love that you referenced the best English teacher that ever lived – the kind of teacher that we’ll always call “Mr.” Sherry. I was at CDHS from 1984-89 and had his classes three times.
    That’s three different classes…I’m not that thick.
    Keep on with the art & pix!

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