Standing at the punch table swallowing punch

Well, Festival of 24 Things is almost over. Come celebrate leap days and the end of the show on Friday, Feb 29th, 7-10pm.

There will be snacks and drinks. Come early if you don’t want to get stuck with the Canadian beer, or the least favourite tootsie roll candies.

Festival of 24 Things Opening
photography by Daniel Fischer

Also, I will be posting the top secret not-safe-for-work-or- ten-year-olds controversial #15 photograph from mister Stu Kaufman, if you need some incentive to come see the show one last time.

I have started a flickr group for all participants to post their images.

Check-it: we made the paper

Title Credit: The National, Slow Show

  1. Matthew Widdowson said:

    Hey Pal, this sounds really cool and I wish I was in the neighbourhood. One question though… did I just see you trash Canadian beer?

  2. shhhh… it’s ygolohcysp 🙂

    (i also really like tootsie rolls… see how that works?)

  3. photoreferee said:

    Soooo… when do we get to see the super sexy censored photo #15?

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