Silhouettes in a window frame

Pretty great show at Bug jar tonight. Lots of kids boppin to the second and third bands and lots of moody dudes (mostly, sorry to generalize) swaying to the first (Norwegian) band.

Talked to the drummer of the first band (a dentist by day – international drummer by night –for real) and made it home by midnight thirty, with lots of time to make some art before bed. I must be getting older. A few years ago, you couldn’t have dragged me outta the bar before closing. And now I’m leaving of my own accord. Hot damn.

Made some headway thinking about my book today and made a bunch of anaglyphs for class in the morning. HopefullyI can get my lazy, late-night lovin butt outta bed in time to go print some of them before class at 930. (ha).

I’m really happy with one of them in particular. Shows a guy loading cardboard in a flatbed truck on Market street, San Francisco. I’ll upload it later when it feels fully resolved. Still have some color balancing to do.

I’m not sure why I am so interested in making these photographs lately. Thought it had something to do with my stereoscopic deficiency, but that seems too easy. I think I like the idea of architecture as the only permanant. People pass by a place a thousand times, btu they never pass by it in exactly the same spot, and definitely not in the exact same lighting/wind/etc conditions. And the building doesn’t move. Well, much.

When lifestyles are so very very temporary, this is kind of novel. But even buildings don’t last, lookin at the sorry state of affairs over at Dubland.

Guess it does weirdly play into the house book. Why can’t I ever make something simple and disconnected?

Title Credit: Ra Ra Riot, Each Year


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