Half of nothing wasted and split again

Ugh. Tirrible night’s sleep last night. Threw me off my game today.

Had crit at 930am. Finally fell asleep around 730am, then woke up, panicked, as was appropriate at 930am. Late for class again, like a jerk.  And my ankle is getting to the really painful part of the healing process. I know this becuase I’ve been poppin advil like tic tacs (and I normally never take more then one, no matter how much something hurts). Ah well. learned my lesson. No snowshoeing in runners.

It’s all ice-storm madness in Raachester. Hype machine. That said, I’m glad I don’t have to drive any further than school tomorrow.

Hurry-UP spring. I know I was all excited about snow, but this is gettin old.

Some lady came into the library today to show off her self-proclaimed ‘artists books’ (single quotes = sarcasm). Wow. One of the books was made by gluing handcut chinese paper people (which she bought “in San Francisco’s China town”) onto a page and then binding it together and stickin her name on it. Uhm, I believe we call that “stealing” in the ‘art world’ which you so much want to be associated with. And it’s not appropriation unless you do something smart with it. And No. Uhu-ing it onto fancy art store scrapbooky pseudo-handmade paper does not count.

Art Bitch signing off.

Some classmates are making some pretty kick ass art. I’m excited about next week’s work share. Got a pantload of work to do before then. Gotta get some better paper for glossy/semi-gloss prints.

Took a break from theory reading tonight to watch a TERRIBLE online tv show at nbc. Called 20something or something inane like that. Was about a ‘writer’ and her roommates and blogging. Terrible. C’mon new 30 Rock episodes, get with the spring and hurry UP!

Here’s a clip of my imaginary boyfriend, Richard Buckner from 1994. I was 13. Good thing he wasn’t my imaginary boyfriend back then.

Title Credit: Richard Buckner, Faithful Shooter


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