i i i need a moment, let’s take back the agreement

foregoing caps in favour of stream-of-you-know-whatiousness notes to self.

mildly freaking out. agreed to work more hours in the research centre, and have no extra freakin hours to spare. bunch of stuff to get finished for friday. even more bunch of stuff due on tuesday. gotta document the show before sunday. just gotta pace myself. guess this is why i’ll never be a long distance runner. well, that and all the training.


title credit: sam buck rosen,  soul shakedown party

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  1. lisa said:

    cousin yellow pants is coming to the auction with his camera. he is a cool dude and i am sure would be more than willing to take pictures of 24 things to document it for you. take a breath and smile girly we will all drink wine tonight together and be crazy.

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