I was up all night again, boning up and reading the American dictionary

So, last night, around 4am, I decided to nix my house book and start something new. Stupid stupid stupid.

The house book requires an able ankle and better weather, so I’ll save it til spring.

New book is… loose ends right now. Using some graphic elemants rather then photographs (a first for this one). Trying to find text on the wide web, and probably shouldn’t be doing this. Too much crap out there to weed through.

After talking with my youngest sister last night about the science (Science!) of love/lust/attraction/whatever, I started thinking I wanted to make something about long lost grade school crushes. I file these things in the same neo-romantic category I file mix tapes and the like. But… it’s a problematic area. I’m already trying to avoid cheesiness, but this seems absolutely unavoidable.

We’ll see. Could be crap. I started circling the notion with the hopes that I could plow through it in a few days and have something simple that I like, but I can’t seem to make those simple oneliner books. I guess past crushes are a lot like those catchy oneliner lyrics  that you can’t get outta your head, no matter how simple and resolved they seem.

Think I may just take a toothbrush & pillow into school tonight when I go to print. Probably the only way I’ll make it on time, with my nighthawk status getting more and more ridiculous. Sleep is for suckers. At least thats what I’m telling myself.

Title Credit: The National, Brainy

  1. Paul Holden said:

    i’m responding

  2. Martin said:

    Hi.. Don’t really know what your blog is about – I just stumbled over this post because of the title. Great use of a great line I can’t get out of my head like my past crushes 🙂

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