How do you think he does it?

Back from the west. By far the highlight of the trip was this place:

Pinball Museum, Las Vegas, NV

Note Dr. Dude in the bottom left corner. I logged a lot of time on one of these bad boys, at the Greyhound station in Ottawa, ON. I lived down the street, had roommates who didn’t understand ‘shut-up!, i have an essay due in the morning’, so I would have marathon homework sessions at the Greyhound station (open til 4am, then closed for an hour, then open again). Along with Dr. Dude pinball, my favourite Greyhound station boasted a coffee shop, subway, and real (black & white) photo booth, not one of those lame digi-versions.

Enough about my home & native land. This was supposed to be about the geniusness that is Tim Arnold’s Pinball Hall of Fame.

On second thought, I’ll save it for another post. I’m too exhausted to go into the details of just how awesome this place was, in any length, so I will let you wonder.

Teaser: they had a Ted Nugent pinball machine.

  1. Paul said:

    i was there (see guy in yellow shirt in the background) … and there was no way to describe this place. I would go back to Las Vegas for the sole purpose of visiting this place again!

  2. my one word review of this place, only comprehensible by a select few bilingualists:


    and p.s. initech paul, ‘Firefox can’t find the server at’
    quick.! buy it before the real estate is gone.

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