Temporary battles can take up half your life. How you dig your bed, will it help you sleep at night?

Today has been the best day of the last week of March, so far.  25-29th were problemmatic at best, but the 30th, ah yeah.

Last night started things out on a better note than the rest of the week. Went to a friend’s birthday party in a way past capacity (for my liking) bar, then moved on to another, not quite as full and less hot & clusterphobic (misspelltentional) bar. Ended the night bookended in crazy. Strangers get so weird when they are way past drunk and Not Getting The Hint. To reiterate the shrewd and catchy Okkervil River   “wise men know when it’s time to go, and so I should too.”

I’m looking forward to April. March is a tricky one. The almost/not quite month. April will be make it/break it/try and fix it month.

This week’s to dos:

– sort recent photos & construct/print new images

– assemble dummy of house book

– assemble dummy of paperwaster book

– take more photos for house book

– clean my kitchen counter to a point i can stand

– figure out where / how to organize my workspace. the closet door desk will not suffice for much longer. may have to buy a real table or something. ugh. i hate spending money for things that seem so easy to find in the trash.

– scan the scads of film on my kitchen counter

– scan the weird stuff i have been tryign to find a use for.

– organize my hard drive storage space , so i have room for all the ambitiously noted above items

– write a books noted for afterimage

– grant for class

– stop listing before it gets too overwhelming

Title Credit: Stars, Bitches in Tokyo


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