It’s drawing trouble on your life

Bookmaking break.

With nicer weather, I’ve been hanging out on the porch, watching the houses on my street more regularly. (It’s kind of like TV, but slower and quieter.) I have matched dog walkers to their houses, and figured out who works retail (get home around 9:25pm), and decided the house next to the Science Centre is vacant.

So tonight, while out on the porch, staring at the houses across the street, I saw this weird lookin’ dude trying to open the backdoor to the house that I have hypothesized is vacant. He couldn’t seem to get the latch (or his key?) to work, then he bent over and put something wine-bottle-shaped on the ground. He kept turning around to look at me, and eventually gave up the fight with the door handle and just moved into the shadows. Creepy, but maybe he just forgot his keys. As I debated either calling the cops or going next door to talk to the couple that has lived in the neighbourhood for years, he staggered down the driveway towards the street then yelled over to me, asking for the time. On closer inspection, he was definitely carrying a wine bottle and he was definitely not the home owner, locked out of his home. He took off down the street when he realized I was suspicious, and checkin in with my neighbours, and then the security guards from the museum showed up.

Gotta get better at trusting my gut.

Title Credit: The Frames, Finally

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