Measure me in metered lines and one decisive stare. / The future’s got some missing teeth.

As a non-citizen, this guy’s thoughts on skilled worker visa issues has a place in my heart. And head.

(For more on the visa/immigration/skilled worker issue: )

And on a completely different note, so I don’t dwell too much on the forces that are out of my hands, causing understated instability in any type of future plan south of the 49th parallel for this one, here’s a link and a photograph:

Photograph by Adam at

by Adam Krawesky, of,
(one of my favourite Toronto street photographers)

I’m pretty excited to be in the Toronto-vicinity for the month-long Contact photography festival. I have missed it every year since 2002 for various lame reasons.

Now I just need to find a couch to crash on and a train ticket.

Title credit: Aside, Weakerthans / Sun Down Final, Nik Freitas

1 comment
  1. ali said:

    did i ever get a chance to introduce you guys when adam was still here in ottawa?

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