The point is not the grammar, it’s the feeling

Rollercoaster metaphor week. Weather included.

(your art here) opening at Visual Studies Workshop: none of the kids showed up (sad, but I understand), lots of other folks showed up (happy, the students artwork got ‘out there’), we got some great donations from local businesses (again, happy, thanks to: Wegmans, Piatza’s pizza) And help from lots of awesome VSDubbers (Kris, Laraine in the office, Sally the librarian, Eric Le Roy, Rich Della Costa and all the Media Literacy Initiative members, old and new (Rich, Marlene, this means you guys 🙂 )

Kriby’s 20×200 edition: almost sold out. Yay for beards and fortune cookie photographs!

6x6x2008 at RoCo: somewhat overwhelming heat, somewhat underwhelming art.

Booksmart Studio Circulation Show: killer job Justin, Mickey Smith? Wow.

This: Somthing nice poster via CDR

is really great. Todd Falkowsky is my favourite poster (puntended) over at the Canadian Design Resource. His stuff is always weird and funny.

Title credit: Sloan, Underwhlemed.

  1. Nate said:

    Really cool poster idea. Makes me smile.

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