Just ’cause we use cheats doesn’t mean we’re not smart

Back from Northborough, MA, now holed up at the family cottage with wifi and a rotary dial phone (okay, the wifi belongs to the neighbours and i’m *borrowing* it).

Way more interested in taking pictures this trip home, and have lots of other junk to get done on top of it (website, photo-retouching, window display proposal, polaroid show invite and submission info (any day now), polaroid website)

Hard to get motivated when it’s so frickin nice out. Yeah for America’s birthday, celebrated from Canada.
Title Credit: The Moldy Peaches, Anyone Else But You

  1. ncooperta said:

    Incredibly sexy. Reminds me of my grandfather’s house and the humid midwestern summers on a lam from California.

  2. That is one sexy phone, yes. I have a similar one that kinda works, but the ringer scares the bejeezus outta me.

    And no talking dirty about the cottage!

    How’s NYC? I want to come visit in October (NYC Book fair)

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