I am gonna make it through this [week] if it kills me.

Workshop = whoa.
“I gotta get my shit together, gotta gather my shit”
(National, Slow Show)

Here’s some Cancon to keep you feeling up to date with the Great White North goings on. Oh Steven Page, why would you associate with coke heads? Not smart. {I saw Page, his two kids (doppelgangers) and his lovely wife snaking through the customs line in front of me in the Toronto airport one Christmas. First real ‘star’ sighting I had experienced, and I just kept staring shyly at the suitcase in front of me, as I passed the family over, and over, and over. I love and dread those amusement park customs queues.}

Title credit: Mountain Goats, This Year (paraphrased). I fought the urge not to title this ‘but not a real green dress, that’s cruel’


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