Polaroid Show – Q & A

Questions about the upcoming Top Ten Records Polaroid show

i) I have a book of my Polaroids that I published. Can it be in the show?
>> Sure. We will have a mock retail store the night of the opening, and as long as the price is clearly marked on your books, we will be happy to sell them. Make sure you indicate which portion of the proceeds you will donate to VSW.

ii) Wait, I have to donate a part of the proceeds?! Why?
>> Our host, the Visual Studies Workshop, is a non-profit arts center that has been bringing artists, bookmakers, photographers, and big thinkers together since 1969. This institution depends upon fund raising support to keep on keepin on. For more about this insanely great school & arts center, see VSW.org

iii) I have a stack of old Polaroids that are pretty great. Can I submit them?
>> Sure. As long as they can be arranged in a Top Ten list of some sort.

iv) I have a huge collection of older Polaroid cameras and other cool Polaroid-related things. Can they be in the show too?
>> Absolutely. We will have a display case for housing anything Polaroid-related. Kodak’s short-lived competitor “The Handle” will be making an appearance. Email robyn to make any special arrangements for your objects.

v) I am extremely prolific and want to enter 10 Top Ten lists. Is that allowed?
>> You can enter as many lists as you want, but make sure to enclose a submission form and an entry fee for each list.

vi) What is this business about RSVPing to get a spot? I thought this was non-juried.
>> The show is non-juried, and as long as there is nothing illegal in your Polaroids, they will be displayed. An RSVP to robynyork AT gmail DOT com will assign you an order number for your entry. Your order number will correspond to the order the lists are hung in. So if you want to be close to the front, email soon!

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