Thanks to those who spread the Polaroid love


via: Touching Harms the Art

via: The 20×200 Blog


The Rochester Insider!

Special thanks to our host, Visual Studies Workshop and to Lisa, Dan, Kris, Daniel, Marlene, Kirby, Tate and Jamie for helping with set-up.

And here they are, in order of exhibition, The Top Ten Polaroid makers:

1. Evinn E. Neadow Top Ten Polaroids of 33 Oakland Street
2. Dan Varenka Top Ten Comfort Foods
3. James Prez Top Ten Cheese Drawings of 2008
4. Dan Wagner Top Ten Sites on the Wilsonia FC Pitch
5. Kristen Merola Top Ten Books in my Office
6. David Merulla Red & Black & White
7. Kirby Pilcher Top Ten things found in a box in the basement that hasn’t been opened in two years
8. David Vu Top Ten hanging by a shoestring
9. Lisa Wright Top Ten Polaroids from the house where I spent my teenage years
10. Marta Filipek Top Ten Summer Mix Tape ’08
11. Kathy Van Torne Top Ten Polaroids I have taken of signs in Austin, Texas
12. Robyn York Top Ten Beards of Summer 2008
13. Luke Strosnider Top Ten Scenes Above Me (8/19/08, 6:50-7:50pm EST)
14. Jerome Icardo Top Ten selections from: In heaven there is no heat
15. Jennifer Evans Top Ten Parts of the Body
16. Fernanda Montoro Top Ten Park Polaroids
17. Ryan Affalter Top Ten Bottom Halves
18. Evinn E. Neadow Top Ten Polaroids of Venetian Blinds
19. Mike Bartolotta Top Ten Things That Move Me
20. Romy Hosford & Mary Ellen Hosford Top Ten things I will inherit from my parents
21. Kory Gunnarsen Top Ten Crash Sites
22. Raven Pierson Top Ten Horses at Jensen’s Stable
23. Lisa Wright Top Ten Stuff in the Lawns in my Neighborhood
24. Daniel Fischer Top Ten Arrows on the way to Honeoye Falls
26. Stephen Grebinski Top Ten Bridges
27. Dan Larkin Top Ten Passport Rejects I and II
28. Evinn E. Neadow Top Ten Polaroid Journal Entries of a European Experience
29. Michael Neault Top Ten Clouds I have loved or left
30. Nalina Chellam Top Ten Abstractions
31. Heidi Greenwood Top Ten Pattern Behavior

Thank-you all!


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