Upping the bar, Josh Bucci Morris.

(Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.)

The best part about being a ‘foreigner’ is that I can miss entire phenomenons, the ones that make it all the way to Simpson’s parody
and still be excited when I find something everyone already knew about, because my pop-dumbness is dismissed as a cultural thing. If you can call it that.

And alongside every internet phenomenon comes it’s offshoots:

Ben-day dots. Gotta love when art must move into the formulaic, for marketing reasons. I guess some days you’ve gotta paint some ducks.

And on a final sidenote: wondering how I found out about Noah K’s daily self-portraiture?
He uses these cameras, the middle of which my good buddy James (another Hot Shot) uses infrequently.

Something pointed out in a Hey, Hot Shot! blog post this morning.

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