24 Things Countdown: 10 days left…. get crackin!

Reminder : your 24 Things submission is due in ten days.

{See “What the heck is a 24 Things Submission” here}

Here’s a sneak peak at my #12

#12-- Lost

Please RSVP to robynyork AT gmail DOT com to secure your spot & order.

Here are a few links to online print sites:

Adorama — 9cent sale on glossy 4×6 prints — expires Jan 19

Kodak Gallery — can pick up prints at Target and forgo shipping frustrations -10-15cents

Rite Aid online — the photo tech at the Park Ave Rite Aid in Rochester has become my favourite person over the last few months — great for processing, haven’t tried prints — 15-29cents

CVS — official 24 Things Titles and Namecard Maker of 2008 — 15-19cents

And to shop local, provided you are Rochester-residing:

Rochester Photographic –  15cent sale on right now

And if you are super-picky and super-spendy:

Praus Productions

Lumiere Photo

Booksmart Studio

But remember– mildly crummy drug store prints are part of the 4×6 charm.


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