Simon Hoegsberg – Faces of New York

Internet skimming, I came across this photographer. (

Read two of his projects before I realized I have work to do, and reading will have to wait.

Just finished an article from 1975 about the usefulness of photography past the illustration of an idea that could be expressed in words. It's 2009, and I can't tell if we are any closer to making photography it's own language, rather than an addendum to text. Maybe. The article was written before flickr and google images and metatagging existed. Copystands and slide projectors were the main method of sharing images across distances.

I tried to read Hoegsberg's Faces project without looking at the images, to see if they were illustrative, or if they added something to the reading, but that was an impossible task, stunted before I got past the lady that doesn't wear make-up.


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