Who…what, why, where & when… & how?

Sometimes I wish I worked for a fancy pants design studio in San Francisco or Brooklyn or Chicago. But then I'd have to work hard at looking like grubby t-shirt & jeans were intentional, not last-day-before-laundry-is-due.

But if I DID work for a FPDS, I would earn hundreds of dollars in free merch (http://www.veer.com/products/merch/) buying hundreds and hundreds of dollars in typefaces and vector graphics, instead of forcing myself to be creative with what I've got.

For Valentines day, I'm going to send Veer a mushy card with a bad pun– they are my favourite piece of mail to find in the postbox, and it's always nice to get mail from your crush.

Title Credit: Vic Chestnutt, et al., And How


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