Spring forward, fall back down

globe and mail homepage screenshot

Not sure why that list made me laugh — but it did. Which one do Cryptic-Canadians choose? Or Canadian-Universalists? {It’s 2 and I’m just having my first coffee – so …}

Sadies show was pretty great, minus a few punch-facers in the crowd. {That girl who alternated between boyfriend groping and attempts to get everyone to do that obnoxious raise-the-roof thing; that guy who was dancing like a seizure for EVERY song, even the slows; and the girl with the smelly leather purse on her bony shoulder that she kept jabbing me with and pretending nothing–what?—nothing was going on; and lastly– cellphone-picture-taking guy— he must have one hell of a collection of blurry bands on the bug jar stage by now}. Otherwise, good times. I’m getting to old to go see bands on Weekend (read:sad pick-up) nights. Or too lacking in patience.

I DID find out one of the Sadies are from Hastings, ON (My mom’s hometown, right down the hwy from Campbellford), which explains the show in C’ford next Saturday.

“The Weakerthans? Nah, those guys are wimps. You can tell ’em I said that.”

(overheard at the merch table, Sadies, Bug Jar, Rochester, NY, Feb 21, 2009)



Title Credit: The Weakerthans, Left & Leaving


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