And the card attached would say…

Thank-you for being a friend.

Growing up at rural route no. 5 in Campbellford meant that instead of cable, we picked up our tv programming through an antenna on the roof and one of those little NSEW remotes beside the television. We only got a handful of channels, so watched whatever came in the best. (If you have never known anything besides cable, this is probably lost on you.)

Golden Girls was on at 7:30pm, after Empty Nest (which we HATED), and before the Cosby Show (which we loved). So we watched the hell out of it. I have probably seen the entire 7 or 8 seasons, and Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia probably had more influence on me than I would ever want to admit in real life. But this is just the internet, so embarrassing admissions away. At some point, each one of them was my favourite. Except for trashy Blanche. Sophia reminded me of my Nana. Rose reminded me of my grandma. Dorothy reminded me of two of the toughest ladies I have ever known.

I have three sisters, so that may also explain why those cheesecake-eatin Miami birds appealed so much to us.

Title Credit: Andrew Gold (performed by Cynthia Fee), Thank You For Being a Friend


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