We would sooner be kicked than go unnoticed

I’m glad that the Globe & Mail online readers don’t just flame out message boards with “great points!” “I agree completely” and “no wayz, ur a toool!”…but I’m kind of sad that the Globe & Mail ‘writers’ can get away with such things.

I only made it to the 1/4 point scroll-down on this board, and I’m happy to report that the conversations are, for the most part, well-formed, smart, and contrary, thankfully not just for the sake of being contrarian.

The responses were to Richard Florida’s (yes, the Rise of the Creative Class one trick-pony guy) blanket statements on the mosaic of Toronto, or rather, his 80% reblogging of this post by Will Wilkinson (which took me almost 7 minutes to find – and I can usually locate references in under 45 seconds) and his head-nodding agreement with Wilkinson.

Did Florida neglect to permalink the post on purpose? Afraid we might figure out that he only wrote 141 words of his front page article?

Oh wait… there *was* a citation:

“To read the whole text, please go to http://www.theweek.com.”

Thanks, Mr. Florida.

Last Monday, my friend lectured on the fall of print publications and the importance of online creative content and the new methods of gathering this material. Hopefully we don’t take any kind of cues from stodgy old School of Management directors and just rip off what we read. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are not creative tools.

Title credit: Glenn Gould, The Idea of North (1967) <— see? It’s not that hard.


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