I seen pretty people disappear like smoke. Friends will arrive, friends will disappear…

I have been posting in an awfully negative way, lately. Time to reread Franny & Zooey and humble myself, again, again.

Some positivisms, to get me through my distraction spell:

-I found my thesis starting point on Sunday and photographed the hell out of it. Probably won’t use those images (abandoned buildings… so so done) but seeing that font, that Labelon sign above the door, made me chest skip a few. I’m a scavenger at heart.

– a friend of mine recently sold a book of his to the Library of Congress — pretty cool and a way bigger deal than he and his brilliant wife (who is also making her mark all over the map) are makin it out to be…oh, modesty. Will post links and stuff once it is official, or at least announced on his online message board.

– the Monroe branch of the library has Dexter AND Mad Men on dvd! AND 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould… bring on the summertime lazy movie watchin…

– afterimage 37.1 is *almost* done. And I’m sneaking in some new design stuff… we’ll see if it lasts the proofing stage…

See? I don’t have to stomp all over everything I find.

‘If you want me, honey baby,
I’ll be here.’

(been stuck in my head since Sunday)

Title credit: Bob Dylan, Buckets of Rain


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