Life is simple: it’s either cherry red or midnight blue.

Unfortunately, when it is in the red for too long, and there is only one lab that will process it in the continental United States, it gets cut from the budget.

A friend asked me why Kodachrome, and I realized that seems to be the most popular question posed to anyone using expired or expiring processes. So I have been thinking about it, and will write more of my thoughts on my top secret thesis blog. More when I reach some kinda conclusion.

Title credit: Lou Gramm, Midnight Blue

  1. Because Kodachrome is a PAIN in the ass to process. It’s black and white film with the colors meticulously added later. A nightmare, really. Over the years, labs starting dropping off the planet. Fewer labs meant fewer people willing to go through the trouble of sending their stuff through the mail and enduring the longer waits. It only got worse, of course. I mean, one lab left on earth – and in Kansas?

    Don’t get me wrong – I love the stuff. I’m actually eagerly awaiting the four rolls I sent to Dwayne’s last week (I’ve got three rolls left in the fridge awaiting some carefully chosen project). But there are plenty of other great films. As someone who exclusively shoots film, I’ve learned to search for as many great films as possible.

  2. Many said:

    Wonderful blog and great pictures.
    I just created my first blog as a trail to something a little better.
    If you have time could you take a pick and drop me a suggestion/advice note?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Kate said:

    man, I am bummed…when I came to Rochester 40 years ago there was a pride in our hometown success, and of course our world wide reputation as the “image city”….with the death of Kodachrome it’s a sad day for all… I really love your image and of course, “Midnight Blue” inwhich I have accompanied Lou, at the top of my lungs, sunroof open on the open highways, for many more years than I’d like to admit…thanks for that memory…K

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