But I don’t think Hank done ’em this way

I would like to give monodrone a ubiquitous thumbs up for this post. I’m bummed that eMusic unnecessarily added content that can be found at any of the bigger players on the internet.

I don’t download *classics* from eMusic. Like my favourite books, where library borrows won’t do, I want a hard copy of those. eMusic is for trying out new things, finding bands through similar artists, and is, for me, the online equivalent of the record store listening booth. I also joined (and rejoined and rejoined) for similar reasons monodrone did:

A lot of the reason I was part of eMusic in the first place was as sort of a charity for the artists and indie labels that help to bring great music to me. I have always been willing to give some money for that, even though I am web-savvy and can easily acquire music for free.

45 cents a song from 30 cents (I had the smaller 50 for $14.99 plan) is quite the jump. So, is it back to used CDs and feeling guilty that the artists never see that cash? I have a hard time paying almost 50cents a track, when some tracks were never meant to be a standalone thing (i.e. Ryan Adam’s Heartbreaker track “Ryan Adams Argument With David Rawlings About Morrissey”). And I have an equally hard time not paying for music at all, unless the band offers it up as a promotional spread-the-word tool.

Live shows and buying merch when I can afford to will have to remedy. Speaking of which… I need to find a belt for my Sadies cowboy bling. T-shirts wear out or get permanently borrowed by siblings, but a giant belt buckle is forever.

Title credit: Waylon Jennings, Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way


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