What would Adrien Brody’s mom say?

“Would you rather hear me talk, or listen to Al Green?”

On Al Green, playing on the Dryden loudspeaker:
“Isn’t he wonderful?”

On homeless men, hired to be Santa Claus for the weeks preceding Christmas:
“But basically, they are sad lonely people. They’re not Santa Claus. Santa Claus doesn’t exist.”

On photographing bars the morning after:
“I guess I should have done more of that. [Sigh] I should have done more.”

On this photograph:

“They must have thought I was crazy, running like that. Stones don’t run away. But some stones do.”

On selling her student project to the MOMA:
“They offered me $25. I said, “That’s ridiculous,” so they offered me $50 and I took it.”

On some audience-douchey question as to which camera she uses:
“I can’t tell you.”

On colour or b&w:
“I cannot make up my mind, which camera to use, which film…”
“I’m promiscuous in my photography but very loyal in my family life.”

From lecture at the Dryden theater, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY, Oct. 8, 2009.

  1. lisel said:

    how did i miss this?? why can’t you guys remember i am on my own planet of cats and wool??

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