60 Things I Will Miss About Rochester #5-#9

#5. Wegmans on Sundays at midnight, when the floor cleaning guy has fenced off the areas of the store I never go in anyway.

#6. Freak weather days, when it jumps from 5 to 18 degrees Celsius. And everyone drags their shorts out of the closet for one more day of ‘summer’.

#7. Driving down Park (between Colby & Oxford) at midnight, when there are no d-bags out criss-crossing the street like they have never seen a car.

#8. Overhearing someone giggling to NPR while they make art in another room at school.

#9. Going to see a middle-age popular performer and seeing the handful of hipsterkids scattered throughout the sea of polar fleece and marathon t-shirts who still think they need to look cool for a concert.

1 comment
  1. lisel said:

    that polarfleece thing cuts

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