Shake it shake it shake it…

From the PX100 Flickr Group Page

(from the PX100 Flickr Group Page)

New Polaroid-compatible film announced on The Impossible Project. Kind of underwhelmed, but that might be the price tag ($21 a pack +$11 s&h = $33 for 8 images. Or, over $4 an image). And looking at the test shots on Impossible Project promo page, and Flickr, as well as the lengthy troubleshooting guide, it seems to be a tricky film to master.

I know I should be entering credit card details with abandon, shooting carelessly and whoopin it up, but my SX-70 film cartridge is half-empty, I suppose. Plus I have a partial brick of Kodachrome that has to be exposed and sent to Parsons, KS by December! I’ll save up and hold out for colour, Impossible Project.

Company Shoots for Polaroid Film Comeback – Speakeasy – WSJ


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