When I first met you, I walked you to your car, you said “let’s take a drive”, we parked beneath the stars.

Photograph from Carla Williams on <b>click - Photography changes everything</b>

“…and although this photograph was taken long before I was born, I could at last imagine a scene like the ones that used to unfold one floor beneath us, and I could see the beauty, sweetness, and love that brought those couples together and sustained their friendships, in some cases, going on sixty years.” [Read the rest of “Photography changes how we imagine the past” here]

Great photo essay resource from the Smithsonian Photography Initiative at http://click.si.edu/Default.aspx. Some big names as well as new & up-and-comers.

Title credit: Rialto, Failing in Love

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  1. cshteynberg said:

    Hi Robyn,

    Thanks for sharing the word about click! We’ll be adding new stories every week, so feel free to subscribe to our RSS Feed if you’re interested!

    Also, we have a blog, THE BIGGER PICTURE that you might be enjoy as well.

    Good luck with the stuff making and the art breaking, and thanks for the reminder about Zoe Leonard in your photo tagged post. I had come across her once before, but have been enjoying browsing through her work on the internet.

    Catherine Shteynberg
    Smithsonian Photography Initiative

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