And then we’ll all take photographs of what we made…lemonade

I love it when my likes overlap. It is no secret that I have an affinity for beards. Or photography. Baseball may be one of my more closely kept likes. It stole my no-depth-perceptioned heart when I was 12 and Roberto Alomar hadn’t yet done anything more troubling than McCain’s Catch The Taste commercials.

One of my favourite Chicago-based art-makers recently posted his ode to the legendary Mr. Alec Soth, teeming up three of my likes.


{Click through to see Jonathan Gitelson’s Sothdog Millionaire}

Want to see the legendary beard in person? Sign-up for the Photo-Bookworks Symposium at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY (July 1-3). And to make this post completely circular, 31 Prince Street is where I first saw Mike Mandel’s Baseball Photographer Trading Cards, and met a bunch of my bearded friends.

Here is Alec Soth’s original baseball card post, via his archived blog. I think that officially exhausts Beards, Baseball and Photography for today.

Title credit: Guided By Beards Voices, Weed King


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