I turned it over in my mind like a living chinese finger trap, seaweed and indiana sawgrass

I have had an enormous design crush on Todd Falkowsky since coming across a Becker’s post by the (also very design crushworthy) Hannah Wise on the Canadian Design Resource.

He is still making cool things, and now he’s forming young pencil-propped design minds as well.

Go see his pick for this year’s colour. {Oh WordPress, quit trying to correct my perfect spelling.}

Also, if you are a Canadian designer (or a Canada-based designer) and you are going to be in Toronto on May 30email me ASAP. I have some exciting top secret project news to disperse, and I’m looking for participants. Ones who understand why this is funny:


Title Credit: The Mountain Goats, Pale Green Things

Ed. Note: Thank you Hannah for catchin my Becker’s blip 😉 You two design-fiends keep doin what you are doin – CDR should be on everyone’s radar rss feeds.

  1. Hannah said:

    Hi there! Great post on This Year’s Colour. One wee correction though: it was me who did the post on Becker’s back in 2008. Todd and I were on a trip somewhere in rural Ontario and I was overcome by nostalgia, so took the shot and did the post on the CDR when we got back to Toronto.

    Of course, I am happy to share the credit as Todd is my squeeze (both my real life and design crush – though I also have a design crush on Tobias Wong!), and anyway, I am not officially a designer per se!

    Keep up the good work and feel free to comment on the CDR – the more dialogue the better!



  2. Hannah said:

    ha! nice! thanks for the correction Robyn! Still a bit sad to be missing out on the crush! 🙂 (But as design crushes go – Todd is most certainly a worthy recipient!)

    All the best,


  3. Hannah said:

    haha! amazing Robyn, you’re great! hope to see you around on the CDR soon!

  4. Rich said:

    Hey Robyn – If you’re in to Secret Projects, and also doing them in toronto – hookup with Mikaela of the Secret Project Lab – http://www.secretprojectlab.ca

    Open to any and all secret projects.

    • Thanks Rich! Great link – will investigate…

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