But I fall asleep with the TV on, at 3am they play O Canada…

Shotgunreview.ca is one of my favourite feeds to skim when I am looking for something distinctly, but not obnoxiously Canadian. Bill Rodgers work is heart stopping and Kim Neudorf has a great review of his autumn exhibition at Skew Gallery.

Kim Neudorf’s Shotgun-Review.ca: Bill Rodgers at Skew Gallery

The books we encounter and live with, particularly the antique or flea-market find, eventually take on a knowingness and even a gaze. These books not only link to the past but link to the moment of the find, unexpectedly reactivating traces of ourselves. The statement for Bill Rodgers’ recent exhibition Studies in Citizenship echoes the ceremonial, austere presence of his chosen subject: the early 20th century reference book for rural Canadians. These books evoke a “rigor of self-reliance”, declaring themselves through modest covers and “self conscious and distilled” titles which suggest the boundaries and necessity of their contents.

 Bill Rodgers at Skew Gallery | review by Kim Neudorf for Shotgunreview.ca

Title credit: Joel Plaskett Emergency, True Patriot Love


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