Put a small ‘x’ where I lost my way

A little while back, MOMA rocked the highly internetty* design world when it added the asperand (at sign) to it’s architecture and design collection. As I try to condense my resume further & further, I realize they have made a wildly erroneous choice, and should have gone with the easier-to-pronounce, and more fun to draw ampersand.

Image of "Hey MOMA, what about me? -&" in various typefaces
Just kidding, let’s keep ampersand an underdog. Fame makes people batty.

Some press: MOMA justifies inclusion of @ and NYTimes coverage, with more allusions and pop references than you can throw an Underwood typewriter @.

* internettyadjective, informal. to be highly versed in online goings on. synonyms: tweety, flickry, bloggery, wikipedia-y, lastfmy, bookfacey, constant contacty, waybackmachiney, rssfeedy, ubunetty, lolcatsy, amazonebayzapposy. antonym: my mom.

Title credit: The Weakerthans, Benediction

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