Wipin’ out the traces of the people and the places that I’ve been.

Have been thinking a lot about walking and photography. (It’s hard not to think about walking when you are dog-sitting for a very sweet, but very active pup in a city with sidewalks that go on forever.) Walked to the gallery last night around 8 to take down & pack up a photo show (work by 3 members of the Chicago Women in Photography Collective: Mary Farmilant, Jennifer Greenberg, and Patty Carroll) and grabbed my camera. It was just past my favourite light*, that orangey, high contrast, raking shadows deal, but the tops of the houses were still getting good light. When I walk without my (good, not crappy $3 point&shoot) camera, I make mental notes of the place I like and want to come back to, but when I walk with my camera, my mind goes entirely blank and I am completely (god, I hate this corny phrase) in the moment. mindful of nothing but the present (whew, that‘s better.)

So with blisters and sweat and all the yucky parts of walking too much in a hot city, I think I got some good ones. The film has to go to Kansas and back before I will know, for sure.

from 5B4: Gone? by Robert Adams

from 5B4: Gone? by Robert Adams

5B4 (PHOTOBOOKS!) has some compelling thoughts on Robert Adams and photographing and the walk. 5B4 author Jeffrey Ladd will be speaking the the upcoming Photo Bookworks Symposium** at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester.

* See above crummy drugstore scan for example of robyn’s favourite (sic, in America) light.
** Check out the line-upANNE WILKES TUCKER! NATHAN LYONS! CARLA WILLIAMS! MIKE MANDEL! (not to mention one of my many many photo-crushes, Jason Fulford) Oh yes, and the one and only,

Alec Soth.

Title credit: Kris Kristofferson, Lovin Her Was Easier (covered by Richard Buckner – thanks Motel de Moka! My music drive is 2 hrs away and I really wanted to hear this today 😉 )

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